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Practice Philosophy

We believe in our philosophy that a stepwise approach to treatment, thorough and complete diagnostic studies, and consistent patient/doctor interaction can lead to a successful recovery and ultimate patient satisfaction.

At Tomaszek Neurosurgical Associates we believe in face-to-face interaction with our Physician to encourage a full understanding of your diagnosis, imaging results, and stepwise treatment options.  We believe in a step-wise treatment regimen beginning with an analysis of your symptoms, to minimally invasive non-surgical treatment, to ultimately definitive surgical procedures.  We will discuss each of these options with you in detail, and after answering any questions, we are able to assist in every aspect of your treatment process.  We understand that you cannot predict with certainty the outcome of any invasive surgical procedures, but at Tomaszek Neurosurgical we feel our patients deserve a logical, informative explanation from an experienced surgeon regarding expectations, non-surgical alternatives, and various techniques of surgery along with realistic risks and benefits.

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