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Surgical Philosophy

We believe in minimally invasive surgery, which means minimal incisions, minimal blood loss, relatively rapid operating times, and minimal damage to muscles and other soft tissue.

When approaching surgical procedures either posteriorly (Laminectomy, Lumbar Discectomy, Foraminotomy), or anteriorly (Cervical Discectomy, Disc Replacement, Fusion), the majority of these techniques can be completed in an ambulatory surgical center with at most an overnight stay. There are certainly risks specific to each of these operations, which will be discussed in detail with the surgeon prior to your scheduled procedure.

Dependent upon the surgical approach, you may need to care for wounds associated with your procedure. We will address a variety of wound care protocols with you, and ensure any recovery process is fully explained.

It is our belief that the majority of spine operations can be safely performed with minimal blood loss, minimal operative trauma, and in an outpatient setting. This includes procedures to remove previous hardware, as well as operations to decompress the spine over multiple levels. This has been proven over a number of years, and thousands of cases successfully completed in an outpatient surgical center.

Please ask our Physician specific questions regarding the technique and expectations of any recommended procedure.

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