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Failed Back Syndrome

In many circumstances, patients who have undergone prior surgery receive only temporary relief, and surgical procedures (typically involving fusion and instrumentation) can lead to adjacent accelerated degenerative changes of the spine. If these changes are not carefully observed they can often be overlooked, resulting in ineffective pain management. Poor treatment can lead to escalating use of narcotics, insufficient diagnoses, and ineffective therapy procedures. If you are experiencing little to no improvement with an aggressive pain management regimen, or if you have a history of prior spine surgery, even multiple complex operations, you deserve a fresh outlook on treatment options.

lumbar-disectomyAt Tomaszek Neurosurgical Associates we will objectively analyze your pathology, designing a treatment program that best suits your individual needs and concerns. As always, we will explain in detail any risks and benefits of our various procedures. Call our office or request an appointment online to meet with our Physician and explore options available to you.

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Dr. Tomaszek will assess each patient individually, creating a unique treatment regimen tailored to every concern you may have.  A MRI and other diagnostic studies will likely be obtained to thoroughly examine the underlying pain causes.  Located in The Woodlands/Spring area and serving all of greater Houston, schedule your consultation appointment today!
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