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Lumbar Discectomy

Lumbar discectomy is performed from a posterior approach with a small incision depending on the number of discs to be exposed. After the ruptured portion of the disc is removed, usually through a small window created in the bone, the foramen through which the nerve passes, is widened using a bone removal technique with small instruments. A discectomy can be carried out in conjunction with formaninotomy, or for central stenosis in conjunction with laminectomy.

How long will the procedure take?

A lumbar discectomy is an out-patient procedure, typically lasting about one hour.

Will there be any follow up care needed after surgery?

Yes, for most procedures post-operative wound care is almost always essential.  Stitches typically remain in place for approximately two weeks; and there are restrictions on heavy lifting, twisting, bending and driving while the sutures are in place.  Our office will be in contact with you during your entire recovery period to ensure proper post-operative healing.

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