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Over the past few years, numerous forms of neuromodulation have evolved promoting effective treatment to patients experiencing (seemingly) irreversible nerve injuries. With advancements in medical technology, Neuromodulation has now been proven effective for the treatment of certain neurological deficits including phantom limb pain, peripheral nerve trauma, failed spine surgery, degenerative changes and demyelinating diseases. There are also neuromodulation techniques that target and successfully treat common problems such as insomnia, anxiety and depression; and there is scientific evidence that these often work as well or more effectively than complex regimens of prescription drugs.

Dr. Tomaszek has researched and pioneered some of these neuromodulation techniques over the past 30 years. If your condition has been described as untreatable, or if your pain is accompanied by other symptoms involving sleep, anxiety or depression, please contact our office for an appointment. There may be various neuromodulation techniques available to you!

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Dr. Tomaszek will assess each patient individually, creating a unique treatment regimen tailored to every concern you may have.  A MRI and other diagnostic studies will likely be obtained to thoroughly examine the underlying pain causes.  Located in The Woodlands/Spring area and serving all of greater Houston, schedule your consultation appointment today!
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