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Spinal Injections

There are many forms of injections that can be used to treat both chronic and acute spinal pain.  The success of these is in some degree, due to carefully localizing the pathology.  Many patients for instance, receive epidural steroid injections when the pain problem stems from pressure on a nerve root or from a specific joint.  Epidural steroids, injections into the muscle, or “trigger point” injections can be done in an office setting, and usually provide short term relief.  As these type of injections are simple and mostly non-invasive, they tend to be the least targeted and fail to produce durable relief.

At Tomsazek Neurosurgical Associates, we offer a more definitive injection therapy in which we localize and target a specific pain generator.  For example, if pain is emanating from a particular nerve root or if imaging studies show lateral compression from a specific disc, then a foraminal root block injection would be performed to precisely target affected areas of the spinal canal.  Likewise, if facet joints are shown to be the cause of pain, an injection into the joint and/or nerve that supplies the joint would be performed; and in many cases proven to be more effective than a less targeted injection.

If you have received prior injections without long term relief of pain, please contact our office for a more accurate evaluation. We can help!


Can anyone get an injection procedure?

This practice provides specific targeted injections to individuals whose conservative treatment has been unsuccessful, do not have a problem requiring surgery, or who wish to avoid a more invasive procedure.

How long will this procedure take?

These types of injections are typically done in an out-patient surgical center under intravenous anesthesia, carefully monitored by our anesthesiologists.  As the procedure itself (normally) takes about 15 minutes, sedation is required in order to reach a level of precision and safety not available in a traditional office setting.

How long will I be out of work?

In an overwhelming majority of cases, patients are able to go home the same day as their procedure and return to their normal activity the next morning.

What amount of relief will I receive following a transforaminal root block injection?

Degree of relief is typically dependent upon the severity of your injury, so some results may vary. Benefit has been experience the first day following the injections, however in some cases may take up to two weeks.  If only partial or temporary relief has been reached after two weeks following your procedure, an injection can be repeated to obtain satisfactory results.

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Dr. Tomaszek will assess each patient individually, creating a unique treatment regimen tailored to every concern you may have.  A MRI and other diagnostic studies will likely be obtained to thoroughly examine the underlying pain causes.  Located in The Woodlands/Spring area and serving all of greater Houston, schedule your consultation appointment today!
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